A film by Jody Sobral


‘A great film from this first-time director that left me wanting more,’ Director David Caffrey. The Wrong Car is a road movie about two people at polar opposite places in their lives. ELLA, is carefree and in love with life. While TERRY is at breaking point and in need of help. Both are equally distracted for different reasons, which isn't the best starting point for any journey.


Sinead Matthews won The Michael Powell award for best performance in a feature film (Jellyfish) at Edinburgh film festival 2018. Starring as ELLA, carefree and successful she’s in love with life and doesn’t see what’s coming.

Bill Fellows. Hull Gong Awards. Gong Foundation Award [Winner] (2016). Best Drama. Starring as TERRY, at breaking point, he needs help but from who?

WRITER and first-time director.

Jody Sabral won the Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger in 2014 and published her first psychological thriller called I NEVER LIE in June 2018. She works at the BBC in London for News gathering when not wearing her creative hat and turned to screenwriting a couple years ago. This is her first project in the role of director and she thrived in it!

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